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Stable Teams - The Summit

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Experience a paradigm shift at the Stable Teams Summit, where agile methodology converges with the tranquillity of Wootton Park. Join us in crafting Stable Teams Framework 4.0 and be at the forefront of the agile revolution.

Immerse yourself in insights from survival experts, elite athletes, and fearless journalists. Explore "the New Normal" research, uncover inspiring leadership stories, and embrace purpose-driven entrepreneurship. Engage in Aqua Jungle, Yoga, and an epic fitness session with Ed Hargreaves, former British Armed Forces pro.  Your presence is the catalyst for change. Secure your spot now and redefine agile transformation.

Benefits for your team to attend

Join the Stable Teams Summit, where the convergence of autonomous teams and agile practices unlock
unparalleled innovation, collaboration, and performance.

Time to market

Faster Time to Market: Witness firsthand how autonomous teams enable faster product development cycles, accelerating time to market and gaining a competitive edge.

Better decision making

Improved Decision-making: Explore how autonomous teams drive quicker and more effective decision-making, leveraging diverse perspectives and decentralized expertise.


Agile Innovation: Harness the power of autonomous teams to foster rapid innovation, adaptability, and creativity in a dynamic and ever-changing business landscape.