What type of Whyfinder are you?

If you are interested in your team or organistion's path to passion and purpose, then click Enterprise Whyfinder.  
If you are interested in your own path to passion and purpose then click Individual Whyfinder. 
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Enterprise Whyfinder


Individual Whyfinder


Whyfinder Retreat

On off Fee
£1,999 total
2 day residential included
  • Bed and breakfast, lunch dinner across the retreat
  • Choice of accommodation off-site or onsite
  • Minimum 3 coaches with different specialisms
  • Includes one to one session of 1.5hrs
  • On-going access to the network for 12 mths from retreat start date

Individual Whyfinder Subscription

or £240 one off fee
12 months access
  • Unlimited Access to Whyfinder Lessons
  • Unlimited Access to Video Exchange Library
  • Quarterly 1hr personal whyfinding session
  • 20% off all in person events during membership 
  • Access to the Stable Teams Community of IT leaders

Corporate Whyfinder Subscription

£799 per person per quarter
50% invoiced on booking
Remainder billed each quarter
  •  Team/ organisation's purpose workshop with outputs
  • OKR crafting and review
  • Option to include Product Coaching at a reduced daily rate
  • Access to all materials
  • Sessions in person or virtual depending on needs.  Note subsistence and accommodation costs will apply to in person sessions.

Frequently asked questions

What do I gain access to?

This platform gives you access to all your learning materials for the duration of your subscription.  As an added bonus you will also gain access to the Stable Teams Community which is an exclusive network full of technical leaders in the same timeframe.

What can Whyfinders offer that I cannot get at other online academys? 

First, you will participate in a thriving community of tech entrepreneurs and leaders.  Second, Whyfinders uses business tools from a variety of different disciplines from psychology to lean management methods which can be applied to either your individual whyfinding or the whyfinding for your team or organisation.  Our disciplines span product management, delivery management and coaching.  This gives you access to a unique set of instructors, coaches and techniques that can link your plans to their delivery.  

What if I'm not happy with the outcome? 

We have a unique guarantee on our personal Whyfinding courses.  For corporate whyfinding please see the terms and conditions for each course.

Business and personal benefits

Learn at your own pace

Most of the sessions have an online element that delegates can complete at their own pace and go back to and review later on.

Option to meet in person

Options for days away and the Whyfinder retreat give delegates a connection beyond the virtual experience although we are masters at bonding participants regardless of presence.

Watch your career go into overdrive

Whether you are getting to know your own purpose better or whether you are exploring with your team, knowing and most importantly, living your purpose is one of the most satisfying experiences it is possible to have.  Following your revelations you'll find the path to progress and your life goals are much easier to reach.

Access to specialists

Rather like visiting a GP, we have a main Whyfinder on tap for your day to day needs who can sign-post you to other coaches with a specific goal in mind.  You drive the journey for your own relevations by accessing our unique and experienced set of coaches from the worlds of the Theatre, Entrepreneurship, Management Consultancy, The Military, Psychology and Sport.