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Where we work, where we live and where we learn matters.  Ever cleaned your desk before even being able to start work?https://hbr.org/2019/03/the-case-for-finally-cleaning-your-deskHowever, orientation in the Stable Teams Framework, isn't just about the physical space in which we find ourselves:Since the pandemic hit, our research team at Stable Teams® has engaged with architects, psychologists, games designers and artists to try to answer the question of what the innovation zone will hold for us going forward.  Evidence suggests that productivity doesn't suffer when we work from home but our well-being and our motivation does.  This module is different to the other modules because it's a window into a world only just being explored in mainstream work.  Some of these problems are only just revealing themselves let alone the solutions.  Please feel free to be interactive in this module and throw in your own ideas and learnings.Please note that the Orientation module is potentially triggering for those who have suffered with mental health issues.  As such we will ask everyone but the speaker to turn their cameras off or else pick an avatar in zoom!
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