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MagicMilestones Episode 1 - Are all your agile projects doomed to fail?

In this first episode of the Magic Milestones podcast, the CEO of the company Steph Chamberlain talks about the challenges of running an agile project today. How do you keep projects on track? What does a roadmap really mean? How can you ensure your team stay focused? Find out more through this 20-minute podcast hosted by Fraser Mashiter
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MagicMilestones Episode 2 - Lean Portfolio

In this episode, Victoria Poole talks about her career, her progression to consultancy and a number of case studies in Lean Portfolio Management.  What happens when you have to win over a Fintech firm to change their governance and product commissioning process?  How do you pitch the Lean Portfolio at board level and what are the biggest obstacles to successful delivery?
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If we don't fix time and cost, is it really an agile project?

After a debate in the pub, Paul McNeil (Agile Coach and Consultant with Magic Milestones) and Steph (CEO of Magic Milestones) were determined to get the answer to their question as to whether a fixed time and cost is a pre-cursor to an agile project.
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.  Magic Milestones Episode 4 - The Secrets of Business Transformation

Business Transformation is a buzz word these days but what does it actually mean to succeed with one? In his usual story-telling style, Henry Cohen, (previously CIO of the Telegraph), gives us a potted history of his most interesting assignments and in doing so translates the secrets of successful business transformation. Find out how Natural England was born and how to deal with opium smoking politicians in the second episode of our podcast series.