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In a world driven by short-termism and the expectation of instant results, it can be hard to embed a culture of learning. Find out how to convince stakeholders to give your team the space to learn, on-board and even fail. Learn about the "soldier-first" principle and why lean and agile concepts contain the secret to autonomous, high-performing teams.

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Unfortunately, a lot of businesses are driven by short-term thinking.
If leaders focused on: 
training Stable Teams with soldier first principles
investing in knowledge internally
reducing a reliance on contract staff
Both retention, knowledge and innovation would likely increase. However, because we are always driven by timelines we are almost doomed to get stuck in the flywheel forever!
What's more, teams cannot reach autonomous high performance if they do not have a culture of learning that embeds mastery and continuous improvement.
Listen more about habits and their link to short-termism in this podcast where Sam Harris talks to James Clear:
The Power of Habit

How habits happen

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