An introduction to the Framework

Stable Teams® Framework - An Introduction

Discover the secrets of high performing tech teams

Take your career and
expertise to a new level!

6 Modules

Each module introduces an area that needs focus in order to achieve an a Stable Team.

2 Podcasts

Find out the key features of Stable Teams in an accessible format.  Gain motivation while revising the key themes.

8 Assignments

Each module has a number of workshops that you are invited to recreate with your team in order to build Purpose, Mastery, Belonging and Orientation within your team.

4 Videos

Each part of the Framework features a specialist speaker who will take you through the main themes.

1 Certificate

Get Accredited!
Gain the first step to becoming a Stable Teams® Coach or else just use the course to drive your own teams forward.

Created by

Steph Chamberlain
Founder of Stable Teams®

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Steph Chamberlain is an entrepreneur and scaled agile coach.
Steph created the Stable Teams® Framework in 2019 after researching teams since 2012.
First published in 2006, Steph's insights have been used by various famous brands such as Jaguar Land Rover, John Lewis Partners, the BBC and Elsevier.

Course Lessons