Product Manager #674

  • Level: Maestro
  • Rate: £850
  • Yrs of exp: 18
  • Available: Jan 2023
  • Last Client: Elsevier
  • Loc: Remote + London
Badges: Product Manager, Business Transformation Manager, Strategic Consultant, Delivery Manager
A maestro is rocket fuel for your team
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Emerson Scotland

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Emerson Scotland is MD of Magic Milestones, a tech consultancy trusted by the worlds largest organisations
Before becoming an MD of Magic Maestros, Emerson was a contract Project Manager, working across numerous sectors such as, managed services, retail, law, rail and transport, advertising, hotels, however, always with an IT focus. As such, he knows what the cut and thrust of tech management consists of. That's why Emerson is the best person to assess your requirements.

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