Avoiding burnout

Managing Your Personal Capacity

Ever felt like you are creaking under the strain? Find out how you can manage your priorities more effectively.

Avoid the biggest mistake of our time...
Wasting time.

Take your career and
expertise to a new level!

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Created by

Steph Chamberlain

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"As a busy mum of two and CEO of the Stable Teams's group, it's tempting to say that the answer to managing your own personal capacity is to just make time.  Make time by working "smarter" not "harder".  However, that way of looking at the world is too one dimensional.  Seeing yourself as the master of your own "flow" is what it's really all about.  Learn more as I share real techniques that have worked for both me and my colleagues over the years.  Once you start working in this way, you'll wonder why you ever did anything differently.  Most of all this course is all about you.  So enjoy the deep dive, finding more about you and your habits.  Good and bad!  See you in class!"

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