Belonging - The Leader's Guide to High-Performing Teams

Research unequivocally affirms that humans not only desire but require a sense of belonging to truly flourish and even survive. This deck delves into this concept and explores how to infuse your teams with the spirit of camaraderie and fellowship. This deck provides insights into addressing challenges related to team cohesion, fostering a sense of belonging, and guiding your team towards a healthier, happier future where productivity meets fulfilment.
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Created by

Steph Chamberlain

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Stable Teams® works with a group of instructors (shown here!) who specialise in: Coaching, Physical Fitness and Extreme Sports, Team Activities, Acting and High Performance Sports Coaching.  Learn their secrets and workshop tactics through this pack of cards. 

However, these specialists are best experienced in person.  They will work with your team to create an educational and life experience that your team will never forget.  Work with our Five Behaviors® Coaches, Holacracy coaches and more to find out the strength of your team and create an action plan to bond your team for the long term.  Don't just depend on the deck, explore our solutions by reaching out to [email protected]

Leaders Guide - Card Deck