The Secrets of High-Performing Tech Teams

Knowledge to deliver
With ways that work
For products that matter
In teams you can trust


For you, your team or  your organisation


The capability you need for you and your team to deliver


Build fellowship and cohesion
for your teams


Maximise flow by optimising the environment and heartbeat of your team.
Your Journey with us

What best describes
what bought you here today?...

I'm a Whyfinder exploring paths to success

Craft your own purpose then better connect strategy with execution. Attract other people through clear messaging and inspire them to join you on your journey.
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I'm a Maestro looking to increase the value I deliver

Know your customer better.  Find the consultancy skills that are most in need.  Gain accredited status for an invitation to our client community, giving you access to a myriad of opportunities and pathways.  There are 3 levels - read more here...
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I'm a Fellower, looking to lead change in my team

Team cohesion, learning opportunities, strong purpose and inspiring environments are just some of the areas that keep teams happy and productive. Explore the framework that supports high-performing teams and increase your effectiveness as a team member or coach.  Find out about the framework here:
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I'm a Planner looking for inspiration

Leading a team is part perspiration and part inspiration!  Make sure you make time for the latter by browsing our destinations and planning solutions for OKR sessions, Quarterly planning meetings and Flow sessions.  
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I'm a Leader looking for liberation

Many leaders are waiting for one of their staff to step up and take the reins.  However, how many of us really make a plan for this to happen?  Instead, of waiting for the team to step up, engage a coach to inspire your team into action so that you can work on the business not in the business.
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I'm a Line Manager searching for a capability

Find the Delivery Managers, Product Managers & Tech Architects who can help you deliver on your tech strategy. Alternatively, grow your own capabilities via the Maestros Academy.
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Whatever your Stable Teams® journey,
there's a solution for you here.

What our clients say:

"All sessions ran remotely and were hugely effective despite being offsite. Our productivity gains were 12% and our teams are much happier as a result."

Steve Williams, Commercial Markets, Elsevier

"The work we did with Stable Teams was invaluable in leading us to think through an entirely new way to structure our team, making our team stronger, more flexible and hopefully more able to meet challenges head on (even Coronavirus!). "

Lara Burns, Chief Digital Officer, The Scouts

"We went from something like two launched features a month to now, somewhere between 30 - 50." 

Joe Eldridge, Former Director for Web, Apps and TV at Talk Talk, now CTO of Masabi

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